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Practical Strategies for Evidence-Based Risk Sharing and Performance Measurement Between Manufacturers and Payers

October 3-4, 2018
  • Philadelphia, PA

Life sciences manufacturers are facing heightened pressure from the government and other entities to lower the cost of drugs while improving patient outcomes. In an effort to shift from price-per-volume to high-value care, manufacturers are being tasked with bringing treatments to market with outcomes-based, risk-sharing agreements.

CBI’s 3rd annual Life Sciences Outcomes-Based Contracting delivers key insights into the process of outlining, structuring and negotiating successful performance and value-based contracts. This conference also provides an excellent platform for manufacturers, payers and providers to discuss the challenges and successes regarding government price reporting, value optimization and price alignment with health outcomes data.

Solutions-Oriented Sessions Focused On:

  • Overview of over 60 published outcomes-based innovative contracts
  • Pinpoint how AstraZeneca and Aetna have succeeded in creating outcomes-based contracts
  • Explore new conditional reimbursement models with real-world versus real-time performance data
  • Examine new drug leasing models for curative cell & gene therapies [CAR-T]
  • Implement contracts to define, measure, report and create payment mechanisms for value-based arrangements
  • Explore emerging data metrics that payers are looking for when entering value-based arrangements
  • Evaluate how proposed changes to Safe Harbors to the Anti-Kickback Statute impact value-based contracts
  • Hear how payers perceive value-based agreements that involve rebates versus those with refunds