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Analyzing the Patient Experience to Improve Time to Fill, Prior Authorization, Adherence and Outcomes

December 12-13, 2017
  • Philadelphia, PA

Join colleagues at CBI’s Patient Journey Mapping — From Diagnosis to Treatment and get the latest information available on patient journey mapping, as delays in getting medications to patients continues to be a hindrance for both patients and manufacturers. Learn about common mistakes in patient journey mapping and how to promote patient adherence with innovative techniques and technologies. This event gathers professionals responsible for navigating the road towards faster speed to therapy.

Follow the Product from Diagnosis to Treatment and Discuss Critical Issues:

  • Determine the important factors for specialty agents in
    decreasing or maintaining optimal time to fill
  • Transform the patient experience into data drive insights
    with actionable improvement
  • Foster prescriber and patient loyalty
  • Identify and prevent missteps in patient journey mapping

This conference gave great insights to speed to therapy from a nice cross section of pharma, SPs and payers.

Senior Director, Patient Support & Reimbursement Services, Celgene