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Collaborate for Better Health and Reduce Overall Costs

May 23-24, 2018
  • Chicago, IL

Join colleagues and get the latest information available on improving the cost management of drugs by overcoming the complex challenge inherent to integrating pharmacy and medical benefits. By conquering this challenge, organizations can improve drug costs and quality management. CBI’s Integrating Medical & Pharmacy Benefits Summit provides attendees with a platform to learn more about the advantages of integrating pharmacy and medical data. Benefit from hearing about best-in-class models for pharmacy and medical benefits management and evaluating how to measure and manage data across both medical and pharmacy benefits.


  • Evaluate which therapeutic areas are most optimally
    suited for integrated benefit management
  • Evaluate if the health plan sees better rebate recoveries
    when information is in one place
  • Assess operational implementation strategies for getting
    medical claims into the pharmacy rebate process
  • Discuss medical and Rx data integration and
    specialty outlier analysis process
  • Understand the role specialty pharmacies play when
    pharmacy and medical benefits are integrated
  • Learn how it is determined what drugs are covered under
    the medical benefit vs. what drugs are covered under
    the pharmacy benefit
  • Navigate co-pay programs for drugs covered in
    an integrated system