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BioProcessing 2017-2018 Conference Series


CBI’s Bioprocessing Series – Designed to Deliver
The biopharmaceutical industry is experiencing record growth, fueled by significant technological advances and increased clinical success of diversified product pipelines. The promise and potential of the next generation of therapies has greatly increased expectations for the global biopharmaceutical market, currently valued over $200 billion and estimated to reach nearly $300 billion by 2021. Despite these growth factors and achievements, companies will continue to face more daunting challenges to achieve clinical and commercial success because the time and cost to bring biologics to market are increasing substantially.

As such, CBI’s Bioprocessing Series has been strategically designed to unite developers and end users to collaborate and examine emerging trends, uncover new opportunities and overcome key challenges to successfully develop and produce the next wave of biotherapeutics. Each event will serve as a platform to unite leading experts from every department, and stage of development, to collectively tackle a specific challenge in one room — Not separated into several tracks with a tradeshow-like setup. This streamlined approach paves the way for a variety of interactive formats that will encourage participation and maximize the conference experience for every attendee. Join us!

New Topics for 2019 in the Pipeline!
Do you have conference topic ideas? If so, we want to hear from you. Topics we’re beginning to explore for 2019 include Reducing Cost of Goods, Efficient Paths to BLA Success, and much more.
Start a conversation with our content team today!


Speed to IND for Biologics


Regulatory Congress for Cell & Gene-Based Therapy


Analytical Development for Biologics



You will benefit from attending this series if you are a senior-level executive, director, manager, scientist, specialist or engineer working in life sciences within
the following areas:

  • Process Development
    (Early & Late Stage)
  • Upstream/Downstream
    Process Development
  • Process Sciences
  • Process Engineering
  • Bioprocess R&D
  • Cell Line Development
  • Cell Culture
  • Cell Science & Technology
  • Fermentation
  • Recovery Sciences
  • Purification
  • Analytical Development
  • Process/Product Characterization
  • Quality
  • QA/QC
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Science & Technology
  • CMC
  • Technical Operations
  • Formulation
  • Drug Product Development
  • Fill-Finish
  • Facilities Management
  • Facilities Design & Engineering